Welcome to Morales Advisory Services

Our services are tailored to the Latin and international community. We have a deep understanding of our client’s background. We are able to help them better and in their own languages. We speak English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Our clients are the most important part of our business and we are always available to help!

Our immigration services are reasonably priced and we have a flexible payment policy. If you want to know more about our prices please see our Fee Scale here.

We work alongside some of the best Law Firms in the UK. If you need legal advice in any other area get in touch and we will be able to point you in the right direction.

Our team

Immigration Lawyer

Laura Morales

Laura Morales is an experienced OISC Level 1 Immigration Lawyer specialized in European Law. She is also proficient with the management of Personal Injury Claims with several years of experience dealing with motorbike accidents, accidents at work and criminal injuries.

Laura is a founder and trustee of Justice Mexico Now, which is a charitable organisation that aims to raise awareness about the human rights crisis in Mexico. She is also a regular guest on several TV and radio programs in the UK: Migración Sin Fronteras con Orlando Mancini, Abriendo Puertas con Emma Alonso, Hecho en Mexico con Hortensia Celis and Fuego Latino Radio con Gary Fuentes.

Laura speaks English, Spanish and Portuguese. Follow Laura on social media:



General Manager

Javier Morales

Javier Morales looks after the administration of our office in general. His duties include looking after clients, managing the company files, personnel and ensuring our clients are well informed on their cases.

Javier is a keen beach volleyball player. He plays several tournaments per year in the UK and Europe. He also trains a team of indoor volleyball in the evenings.

Javier speaks English, Spanish, and Portuguese.


Administrative Assistants

Mijael & Victoria

Mijael & Victoria are our administrative assistants. They are usually your first point of contact with our office. They help us to keep your application in order and to assist you with your appointments and queries.

In his free time, Mijael enjoys reading, visiting museums and exploring the city. Mijael speaks Spanish and English.  

Victoria enjoys cooking and practicing yoga. She is studying a Masters programme in Culinary Innovation Management and Sustainability at Birkbeck College. Victoria lived in Sidney for nine years, where she worked as educational consultant advising international students on the routes to move to Australia.


Parka is the brains behind Morales Advisory Services… or so he believes. If you have visited our office or watched any of our videos, it is likely that you already know him. He is always around making sure the office is a friendly, stress-free environment, and giving lots of love to our staff and visitors.

Follow Parka on social media and don’t miss his adventures.